My name is Andrea Carolina. I am from Caracas, Venezuela and I moved to Florida, USA in 2010. I studied Architecture in college and worked in construction for a little while after. Although I have done a little bit of almost everything, from customer service to social media management.
I have to admit UX design came into my life quite randomly (I say yes to any design-related challenge) and what a challenge it has been! I have enjoyed the journey on the BrainStation Bootcamp from beginning to end. Not only have I learned lots but I have also met and worked with some amazing people. Even formed part of the team that won the hackathon in my cohort.

Some things I enjoy and can't live without are:
Laughter, travel, yoga, photography, abstract painting, the beach, paddle boarding, or kayaking. Oh, and let's not forget the summer weather!

Feel free to contact me:
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